Hamburg is introducing smart parking.

Hamburg: Never Search for a Parking Spot Again

Drivers in Hamburg will be able to find the nearest available parking space by app in future. The city is linking up its parking spaces with the digital parking service “Park and Joy” from T-Systems.

In the public area of Hamburg city center there are more than 10,000 highly frequented fee-based parking spaces. As well as these, there are park-and-ride spaces and additional, private parking spaces. But how are drivers supposed to know where the nearest available space is? Hamburg’s answer to the question: a smartphone app. The city will be optimizing the parking process in future with the digital smart parking solution “Park and Joy” from T-Systems. Among other things, the partners are going to install sensors in parking spaces in the next two years. Drivers will then see the available parking spaces in real time via a smartphone app.

Find, book and pay for a parking space – all by app

The “Park and Joy” app navigates the driver through Hamburg city to an available parking space. The app also makes the annoying search for small change a thing of the past: using the app, drivers can pay the parking fee right away. With the parking solution from T-Systems, Hamburg is not only reducing driver stress, but also cutting the amount of traffic searching for parking spaces and utilizing parking spaces more efficiently.

The schedule for smart parking

From October 2017, drivers will be able to pay for the more than 10,000 fee-based parking spaces in Hamburg by app. Sensors will be installed in the first parking spaces in a test area at the end of 2017. From 2018 onwards, the partners will then gradually install sensors in parking spaces in Hamburg that map the available parking space with the highest probability, as well as integrating data from municipal and private car parks and park-and-ride systems. From spring 2018, the “Park and Joy” app will also offer drivers searching for a parking space navigation to the nearest available parking space and additional features.

After Hamburg, T-Systems is going to connect additional German cities to the smart parking solution. The following cities have already signed a letter of intent:

  • Bonn
  • Darmstadt
  • Dortmund
  • Duisburg
  • Moers

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